Professor Bassem Sabra

Professor Bassem Sabra is a tenured full professor in astrophysics who now works with ed tech companies for providing guidance in developing their curricula, assessments, and their tutoring services to students.

Prof. Sabra has been teaching for all his professional life in the setting of the American system of education. He spent a successful two-decade academic career at a leading, US-accredited university in Lebanon. He has taught physics and astrophysics courses varying from high school (AP, GCSE, IB, etc.) to the university graduate level.

He has also taught math including advanced calculus from high school to the sophomore level. Prof. Sabra has
extensive experience in curriculum development, instructional design, program reviews, and outcomes assessment. A large part of his time is spent in developing exams and assessment tools to test student learning. Prof Sabra holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Ohio University.