Welcome to our STEM Bootcamp

for incoming freshmen

STEMPrep101 is committed to empowering freshmen with the tools they need to conquer the toughest challenges of calculus and physics. STEMPrep101 started as a mentoring service for students but has since expanded its offerings to an online learning platform.

The program is tailored to help students prepare for the core STEM subject challenges. After completing the Bootcamp, you can hunker down and hit the ground running with a strong foundation in these essential subjects – kick off your freshman year with a good GPA and keep going from there.

STEMPrep 101 Way

Our process for achieving Academic Excellence

STEMPrep101 is the real deal for academic excellence! We start by digging into your knowledge gaps and strengths to tailor a personalized learning plan that’s a perfect fit. Our engaging teaching and interactive curriculum make learning a breeze. With expert guidance, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to succeed, and we’ll have your back every step to ensure you’re killing it!


We evaluate your knowledge gaps and strengths to create a targeted learning plan.


Our engaging teaching methods and curriculum provide an interactive learning experience.


Our expert instructors equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed.


We help you achieve academic excellence through continuous assessments and feedback.

The X-Factor

What Makes Us Unique

Comprehensive Learning


Our program is designed to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to excel in STEM courses.

Personalize Attention


Our small group classes ensure personalized attention from our highly qualified instructors.

Innovative Testing


We use innovative teaching methods to create an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Holistic Approach


We facilitate opportunities for social connections to ease students’ transition to US higher education.

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